We Cordially Welcome You!

Dear parents, dear pupils, dear guests,

For more than 55 years now, the Kleine private Lehrinstitut Derksen  has been a school of a special kind. As a state-recognized “Gymnasium” (grammar school), we are one of the smallest schools in Bavaria and this is precisely what we wish to remain. We place great value on an atmosphere of familiarity in which a climate of engagement and personal attention can arise. The manageable size of our school makes it easier for us to convey basic social values such as mutual respect, tolerance and fairness. Sound transfer of knowledge and personality development – both are important to us. Our goal is to promote the individual talents and abilities of our pupils and to help them become self-dependent and responsible personalities. On this path, in addition to the high-quality educative demands of the grammar-school curriculum, special stress is attributed to the performing arts and the visual arts, with the help of which the creative imagination and the artistic power of the individual can be promoted in the most varied ways. We also place great value in Political Education and we give scope to aspects of Social Learning.

We wish you stimulating insights into the life of our grammar school.

Kind regards from the Kleine private Lehrinstitut Derksen in the name of the entire management team


Jan Derksen
Managerial Head



Adventsbasar 2017

Wir laden Sie herzlich ein zu unserem Adventsbasar 2017 am Donnerstag, den 7. Dezember 2017, ab 18.00 Uhr


Promovieren als Schwerbehinderter - Filmbericht über einen ehemaligen Schüler

Er kann nicht sprechen, nicht gehen, sich nicht bewegen - aber Aaron war in der Schule einer der besten. Und nach einem erfolgreichen Studium promoviert er jetzt in mathematischer Physik. Alles erinnert irgendwie an Stephen Hawking. Campus Magazin traf Aaron Schaal zuhause und an seinem Arbeitsplatz als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der LMU München.

Text- und Filmquelle: ARD-alpha Campus-Magazin / Mediathek des Bayerischen Rundfunks