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Things Worth Knowing

We are a state-recognized school: our reports entitle you to the same rights as those of public schools, and the same applies to the Abitur school-leaving certificate obtained at and granted by our school and to the admission requirements and the conditions governing advancement to the next class. The state curricula also constitute the basis of our teaching.

We differ, above all, in terms of the small size of the school, the small classes, which make it possible for us to offer a particularly individual degree of attention to our pupils and which also provide the foundation for our inclusive approach. This manageable size reinforces a sense of belonging on the part of both the pupils and their parents. A fixed pedagogical programme, comparable to that of the Waldorf or Montessori schools, is something that has been deliberately renounced. Basically, however, we lay more weight on the performing and visual arts, political and aesthetic education and on social learning in the sense of holistic education.