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Living Together Has to be Learned

What and for Whom?

For pupils of the school:

School projects, such as
Training in self-assertion and moral courage
Prevention of violence and prevention of addiction
Social Learning

For teachers:

Linking up with existing offers of the Youth Welfare Service
Crisis Intervention
Counselling and Guidance
Team Moderation
In-house Training

Bernhard Weyer
M.A. Päd., Psych., Math. (Univ.)
Dipl. Sozialpädagoge (FH)
Gestalttherapeut (AKG)
Suchttherapeut (ISP)
Mediator (BM), Supervisor

When and Where?
Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at the school (mornings and early afternoons)
by mobile: 0174 - 3845874