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About Our School

The Kleine private Lehrinstitut Derksen is a school of a special kind. It is a state-recognized grammar school in the form of an independent, non-profit-making funding body.

Since the founding of the school in the year 1959 by Dieter and Barbarina Derken, we have, in addition to fulfilling the requirements of the state curricula, dedicated ourselves to the aesthetic, political and social education of the young people entrusted to our care.

Teaching in small classes (on average 19 pupils/total number of pupils at present ca. 240) and our inclusive approach are the frame conditions for the type of personal care that has led to our proven success.

For decades now girls and boys and young women and men with very different degrees of disability have been very successfully integrated into regular grammar-school classes – pupils with sensory disabilities, with physical disabilities, with psychological disabilities, and children with multiple disabilities or those suffering from a chronic or incurable illness.

Our reports and certificates are on an equal footing with those of every public school.