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Holistic Education

Sound transfer of knowledge and personality development – both are important to us. In the sense of holistic education, it is a central goal of our grammar school to promote the individual talents and abilities of our pupils and to help them become self-dependent and responsible personalities. The manageable size of our school makes it easier for us to convey basic social values such as mutual respect, tolerance and fairness.  Our school offers high-quality education in many different fields.

German – the leading subject in the grammar school

Not just since PISA do we know how important this subject is in terms of grammar-school success. In order to improve the key competence of Reading, German lessons in the 5th and 6th Classes are enriched by the additional subject Reading.

Modern Languages

The development of Europe to a community of free states is something that we comprehend as a task and a demand to be made of any modern school bound to a cultural tradition. By means of Exchange Programmes we wish to promote encounters between young people and to enable them to experience other countries and cultures.

We offer your children

  • greater emphasis on oral performance as a result of the regular employment of oral obligatory class tests
  • a one-to-one ratio of calculating “major” and “minor” marks (“große und    kleine Leistungsnachweise”) in their relationship to each other
  • regular exchanges with the USA, France, Russia and China


In the 8th Class an additional lesson a week is intended to help pupils practise and to consolidate their knowledge. Since the school year 2011/12 we have been testing the use of CAS (Computer-Algebra-System) calculators in the 10th Class, likewise backed up by an extra weekly lesson.


A young person studying at our school should be educated both ethically and in terms of competence so as to enable him to be open to progress and capable of assuming in his profession and later life the kind of critical responsibility towards himself and his environment that our modern society calls for. Up-to-date, well-equipped specialist rooms are available.

The performing and visual arts

In addition to an extra mandatory art lesson a week, our school provides in this field a broad choice of extracurricular possibilities (for example, theatre, musical, choir, orchestra, and band options as well as singing lessons and instrumental instruction).

In Art lessons the creative imagination and artistic power of your child will be promoted and developed in the most varied ways, for example in the fields of painting, sculpture and pottery or by employing different printing techniques. We also offer courses in the goldsmith’s art. Art is taught for two hours a week in every class.

Political Education

Based on the experience that private schools have been closed in dictatorships, both right-wing and left-wing, because of the fact that the individual spirit of freedom is most likely to unfold here, we have for over 40 years been offering Political Education in a more concentrated and comprehensive form than is usually the case and this also applies in the case of the eight-year Abitur course of study.

Media and Communication Studies

We lay great stress on giving your children the opportunity to gather experience in the critical handling of new media. In the past few years we have therefore gone to considerable lengths to see to it that our pupils can familiarize themselves with the different areas of application of modern information and communication media. To achieve this end, we have linked up most of the teaching rooms in such a way that they provide access to the Internet and internal data within the framework of regular teaching in the classroom itself.  In order to be able to make presentations that reflect the technology available today, a laptop and a beamer are available in every classroom.

The religious/ethical field

Our school finds its inspiration in the Christian faith and has never shied away from tackling religious questions and imparting its opinions, regardless of whether this be opportune or not. Our school is, however, in no way tied to any religious ideology, on the contrary, it is open to children of all religious communities and children without religious denomination.